“Brent L. Smith is doing something new in a time when the concept of the paperback pocket book seems a distant memory—he’s bringing it back. Smith crafts something fresh, releasing the cleverly nostalgic, fresh, gritty cat and mouse crime novella, Pipe Dreams on Pico [. . .] It’s remarkably new and simultaneously vintage in nature, and as promised, it fits perfectly in to your back pocket. What more could you want?”

Flaunt Magazine

Edendale Society is a super stylish and brutal novella. A very cool confluence of historical events and thriller tropes and occult iconography. I found it really cinematic, like a unique mashup of Less Than Zero, Halloween 3, Suspiria, and Body Double. The format suits the story too: the sort of modern and well done take on trashy pocket Olympia Press novels of old.”

Shane Jimenez, author of It Can Be That Way Still

“I‘m convinced Brent L. Smith is the secret love child of Anton LaVey and Jayne Mansfield.”

Kansas Bowling, Writer/Director, B.C. Butcher

“[On Edendale Society] Fun, and so mysterious. It never lingered on any one circumstance. Just kept moving. Made Los Angeles seem broken.”

Lew Temple, actor, The Walking Dead and The Devil’s Rejects

“What led me to read it more than once is the fact that it’s far more than an Alt-lit doing-drugs-and-feeling-existentially-numb narrative (as we’re so often subjected to by Tao Lin et al). There’s much more to this piece than simple postmodern, millennial-gen numbness.”

“Gambling, Coke, & Millennial Ennui in a Rocky Mountain Casino,” Fiction Feed

“Brent Smith’s fiction is a silver glitter Les Paul plugged into a Marshall stack with the volume turned all the way to ten–modern noir meets a post-punk fire that burns across the page. I can’t help but think that if the writing of James Ellroy and Lester Bangs had sex and made a baby, this would be the result.”

Toni Oswald, author of Sirens