Reviews of Brent’s Fiction

“I’m convinced Brent L. Smith is the secret love child of Anton LaVey and Jayne Mansfield.”
Kansas Bowling, Writer/Director, B.C. Butcher

“He may not be a likable guy, but he’s definitely a fascinating character, which (along with the stabbing frenzy) make this West Coast neo-noir a really compelling read.”
Something Stabby for Your Halloween Weekend
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“What led me to read it more than once is the fact that it’s far more than an Alt-lit doing-drugs-and-feeling-existentially-numb narrative (as we’re so often subjected to by Tao Lin et al).”
Gambling, Coke, & Millennial Ennui in a Rocky Mountain Casino
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“Brent Smith’s micro-fiction is a silver glitter Les Paul plugged into a Marshall stack with the volume turned all the way to ten–modern noir meets a post-punk fire that burns across the page. I can’t help but think that if the writing of James Ellroy and Lester Bangs had sex and made a baby, this would be the result. The true beauty of Smith’s story is something I think about often: In a world that has come to value art only by its commercial value, how do we not become apathetic to its healing magic? His ‘rock star cherub’ is absolutely up against the odds of those who just want to “make rent,” but I’m betting on the power of art, and I bet Smith is, too.”
Toni Oswald, Assistant Editor & Creative Consultant,