Pipe Dreams on Pico (Paperback) ― Fiction/Crime/Thriller
3 preternatural girls tear through L.A. in stolen muscle cars blowing up banks, gas stations, and stalking corporate tycoons. Who are they? Where do they come from? What do they want?

Nation of Dirty Assholes (Paperback, out of print) ― Poetry
Esoteric Hollywood and the mythic Old West collide in this motley compilation of haunting poetry and prose. Featuring cameos from several L.A. indie rock darlings, Nation of Dirty Assholes delivers a unique and prescient punch-to-the-face.

Edendale Society (Paperback) ― Fiction/Mystery
Local journalist Angie Fell has just learned the horrific truth about the identity of her real mother. When possible solace from her ill-fated life presents itself in the form of a baroque social club called the Edendale Society, she soon realizes things are not at all what they seem.

Holloway Drive (eBook) ― Fiction/Horror      (<– read the PDF for free)
Johnny Jones has just been sentenced to the hollow halls of a mental institution in the wake of brutally murdering his 3 college roommates. His rehabilitators, though, are far more interested in something other than his motives…

Pretty Obscure (Paperback) ― Anthology
Pretty Obscure is an anthology featuring poetry, short stories, fiction, instruction pieces, and immediate words that burn brightly. Includes new writing by authors Parker Love Bowling, Matt Starr, Richard Cabut, Karen Schoemer, Lily Lady, Jack Skelley, Joseph Matick, Brent L. Smith & many more.